Ayulanka Organic Farmers and Exporters Pvt. Ltd is an organic agri-food company based in Bopagama, Sri Lanka, specializing primarily in the organic farming, manufacturing, and exporting of spices and coconut-based products.

We take pride in offering our customers only the highest quality, 100% organic Sri Lankan products, packaged in eco-friendly, standard packaging materials.

However, we are more than just a profit-making entity. We are committed to supporting our traditional organic farmers in Sri Lanka and promoting sustainability in agriculture. Our mission extends beyond profit to improving the living standards and satisfaction of Sri Lankan farmers by purchasing their products at fair prices directly from their farms.

Through our private labeling services, we have facilitated the entry of many exporters into the international market. While we pursue our own success, we also prioritize supporting other exporters and fulfilling our social responsibility.

At Ayulanka, we believe in treating our customers with the utmost respect and care. Our ultimate goal is our customers' happiness, and we strive to provide them with products and services that meet their needs and expectations.